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Post by Mike Oxbig on Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:58 am

i remeber back in 2005 arguing with twats on hifi wigwam ok..i told the wankers i have seen many ford focuses mondeos mercs ect here covered in rust..well they said i was talking cack

bozos go take a look at a 10 year old focus...i see one the otherr day here lol..all the doors hate gone..the seals were shot..the rear hatch was shot...rust bozos..thats why u sling the car away once 10 years old..
once your car hits that age it's scrap yard time..unless ofc u live in spain ..never seen a rusty car there...i refuse to own a car older than 5 years as me dd...once my cars hit mot time it's normally goodbye
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