EMpire Of DunG

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EMpire Of DunG

Post by DarKHarlequiN on Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:41 pm

Soooooooo folks.......Who do we reccon Dickless DuNN has got lined up for the take over of his MoleHill Empire Of Cack....Early reports would seem to indicate some form of consortium........

Da Yetti being a reasonably credible  engineer may improve the shoddy circuit and build quality...

MCRU despite being personally abused by DunG and His Pets and his personal and business ethics slagged off ...has displayed a remarkable capacity to bend over and take it when potential cash is involved....

ScabbyTroll with his fine track record of running failed enterprise  could pitch in with his business acumen...

CNGerbilHumanHybrid could become the 'New Face' of the company on the website intro page....

Small Man Syndrome Erica Shun may be allowed a quater of an 1% share and promoted to Tea Boy.....However I have my doubts that he has the smarts for the task...

ClassiCDiCkhead may well be retained in his current role as Head Spammer and Shiller for the New company....

PeterWW might want a slice of another company as adviser to Scabby.....

Would DuckY himself wish to retain an interest sitting on his Humungous ArsE with his snout still in the trough.....

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Re: EMpire Of DunG

Post by Dicky Dung Ate My Jamster on Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:10 pm

His Local Tupperware agent wants in on the action but that doesn’t tell the whole story. I still think there’s been some deal with Lurker and MCRU for some time. That’s why he was allowed out of quarantine and given free rein to drive away members at Audio Talk. Also why we saw the now famous pic of Fatboy in his little sailor suit trying to use his plastic to wine and dine MCRU.
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