Dunn vs.......

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Dunn vs.......

Post by Dicky Dung Ate My Jamster on Wed Sep 05, 2018 10:21 pm

Thanks The Sidcup Canetoad is always at war with someone or some thing. I thought we should try and list all the people and things he’s been in conflict with. He’s basically a hater par excellence so it shouldn’t be hard.  Here’s a few to start:

Dunn vs Marco
Dunn vs PFM
Dunn vs TAS
Dunn vs Wigwam
Dunn vs the Audio Industry
Dunn vs retailers
Dunn vs the mags
Dunn vs the objectivists
Dunn vs The Fiat Earth 
Dunn vs his last business partner
Dunn vs biased moderation

And a few topical ones...

Dunn vs quarantine
Dunn vs Krell
Dunn vs the laws of physics, Nelson Pass, JLH, Tim De P, Lurker, SQ and all electronics textbooks.
Dunn vs Medicine Woman
Dunn vs Blackbeard 
Dunn vs the GDPR regulator 
Dunn vs The Tax Man
Dunn vs Woodland Grange attendees 

And many people’s favourite......

Dunn vs The Grim Reaper 

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Re: Dunn vs.......

Post by Mike Oxbig on Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:25 am

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