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Post by 13 Inch Barlow on Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:42 pm

Sprawlen Venetian mansion 'as only tewthree occupants: aud ooman an' 'er neice, Miss Tita.

Penny-poor but property-rich. 
The aud ooman was lover of a famed Romantic poet back in the doy. 

A literary scholar is dead-set on getten the love letters off the aud ooman so ee fust ferrets his woy into the mansion by haven the tewthree rent sum rooms ter him, promisen ter re-werk the overgrown gardingg. 
Time passes an' ee cawn wear the aud lady dowl - indeed ee hardly sees the tewthree. 

Later, ter his horror , miss Tita says she mun honour 'er aunt's wish an' yav the precious letters burned at 'er jeth. 

MissY Tita - who is naaa crackin looker - says the'er is 'un woy around all this: if the handsum young scholar were ter marry 'er then she ood not feel so bad abart not fulfillen the stubborn aunts's death-request (since the aunt really loved the neice an' ood want 'er not ter die a poor spinster. ) 

From the Henry James buck, "the aspern papers". James, as i'm sure nariun of yaouw assholes - save mr Jammy & mr Wallace - knoo, was a famous Victorian (Edwardian?) writer of ghost storoys. Although this 'un taint.
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