THE KNICK (2015, US)

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THE KNICK (2015, US) Empty THE KNICK (2015, US)

Post by Wallace on Sun May 07, 2017 4:05 am

Interesting series I had never heard of beefwhore ,on  surgical pioneering at Knickerboker hospital in 1900 New York.
Nun doing abortions, crooked hospital director & public  health inspector, the shady business of getting cadavers for anatomical study,the barbarity of proceedures (like mercury vapour for headache "cure" and patient one hour developement of Xray pictures)

Clive Owen stars as the man who pioneered the "C section".

Things here do not seem to gear correctly though. I have not checked with wiki but I'm pretty sure Edison did NOT invent the Xray machine (German  Roentgen made first  X-ray images, right?) -just as he did not invent the lightbulb but stole the idea from Englishman, Swann.
Also , main part of the story is a highly-qualified negro surgeon trying to get a foothold in the racist hospital. The claim being that a negro invented the mesh proceedure in sewing together an iningual hernia. Seem  to   recall somehow this was an Italian, not negro.

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