HOLLOW (2015, US)

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HOLLOW (2015, US)

Post by Wallace on Thu 9 Mar 2017 - 21:57

By now I figure I have had enough "experience" with Tribeca Films teen horror films to state this is on shitted-ass film company.

Yet another hand-held amateur camera job.

I swear there is a 15 minute stretch of this assshit where there is some noise outside the car and all you see is the car interior - floor to dashboard to ceiling. Ad nauseum. This is how these geniuses figure to build up tension? All it builds-up is the audience's disgust.

Plot is a interesting one: large hollowed-out tree next monestary ruins in East Anglia has an evil reputation. Lovers through the decades have been found hanged there.

But promising as this sounds, they do NOTHING with it.

Yet another Blair Witch abortion of a film.

I want YOU to suffer this film .

Bec ause you are a retard.

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