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COLONIA (2016,US) Empty COLONIA (2016,US)

Post by Wallace on Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:29 am

aPPARENT TRUE STORY OF Colonia Dignidad (dignified colony), a  fascist settlement in Chile  during the barbaric '73 when Pinochet  was defeating Allende. In addition to cult-brainwashing dissidents and ordinary Chileans caught up in the turmoil, the isolated Colonia served as prison & "religious" community.
Harry Potter's Hermione is the main actress here. She willingly joins the colony as a servant of God - which in fact translated to potato-picking feild drudge - so she can get to her boyfriend activist who is being electroshocked in the underground torture chamber.
The boyfriend is a German citizen ,so when they finally escape they go to the German Embassy in Santiago and demand for first plane out of the fucked country. Of course the German ambassador is in the pay of the evil-doers and stalls on the plane, phoning the torturers to come get the escapees. But - coincidence of coincidence - there is a passenger plane just leaving the runway which just happens to be piloted by our heroine's good friend (she was a stewardess on the plane just a month beefwhore,see?
So with this, and other incredible "good lucks" , I cannot see how this was a faithful true  historical rendering.

Good though for teenagers wot like brutality and lots of running.

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