THE MAGICIAN (sweden , 1958

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THE MAGICIAN (sweden , 1958 Empty THE MAGICIAN (sweden , 1958

Post by Wallace on Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:36 pm

been wanting to see this film for decades.

Like  early Ingmar Bergman films this one has that anger directed at an uncaring God. But there is lightness and even comedy here as well - which is rare for Bergmann

19th century travelling troupe of charlatans come to a town with their "Magnetic Magical Show" .
Actor Max Von Sydow - whom Bergmann always used - doesn't speak a word for first half of the film.He is the fake mesmerist, Dr Vogler.

The troupe already was imprisoned in other cities for their supernatural, magic-lantern  bullshit and phony potions.
They are hauled in before  the town's rich man , police chief and cynical royal medical adviser, Dr Vergerus.
The cruel Dr. works over the apparent mute Vogler,humiliating him; showing him up as a quack.
But Vogler gets his partial revenge.

The actor playing Vergerus is the same one that played  the knight's "fool" in the best movie ever made - "Bermann's "The Seventh Seal". And its the same bitter hatred of religion and all manner of deception.

No fantasy  this film.   Still...very engaging.

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THE MAGICIAN (sweden , 1958 Empty Re: THE MAGICIAN (sweden , 1958

Post by Engine on Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:04 pm

Is it better than ' brothers Grimm' with Heath Ledger ?
 Take some beating that one. 
 Same story ...ish.

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