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JERICHO  (2016, uk) Empty JERICHO (2016, uk)

Post by Wallace on Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:54 pm

Series not to be confused with the UK 2006 crime drama  series of same name. (Dumb Blighters.)

Period drama about building of the Ribble-wotsit Viaduct in Yorkshire Dales ,to connect 2 rail lines.

Concerned with the rough life of the workers and specifically the shanty town dwellers. So, this would be the UK equivalent of the American railroad-building series, Wotsitface which I reviewed a whiles back.

Yorky actor, Wotshisface, wot Ivor Biggun tells us was in his school, plays the lead forman wot dies real early into the series because a nefarious niggah wannabee-foreman (of 30 yahres experience elsewhere) wants the joab.  So 'im creates an opening.

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