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400 HOURS (2015, US) Empty 400 HOURS (2015, US)

Post by Wallace on Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:33 am

Independant film . And it really shows.

Acting is okay. It is the script and cheap sets that really maim this film.

Totally unbelievable, undeveloped characters acting in unrealistic ways. Weak dialogue.....and waste of one's time.

Four "astronauts" go into an underground "spaceship" simulation that keeps them in isolation for 400 days.(One woman and three  inept men who  could not run a shoot-the-ducky stand at some hick carnival, nevermind a spacecraft. At the beginning, one of these chosen future astronauts is in jail (for no reason, apparently), the other is off a 4-day bender. One goes around with his son's teddy bear.
Yep...fuck off. I mean - what is the point of including this in the lame script? Is it purposeful "UN-suspension of disbelief" the movie makers are after?? Makes no sense.

Its a simulation. The guinea pigs -prospective astronauts -are being tested for the effects of longtime isolation in a rather tight space (which future space travel will involve.)
They begin to think its not a simulation. And the viewer (myself) is lead to believe that they really were shot into space. But that's not it at all: halfway thru the film , they risk opening the hatch and find themselves on a scortched, dusty earth - they suspect its another planet because analysis of the dust reveals an element that was only discovered on the moon.
They walk for two hours and finally come upon a desolate town and a wild-west-type cheap bar who have generator-light ( the world is in complete darkness). The few folk do not answer their questions and act  as if nothing is wrong when astronauts in full space suits walk into their bar. (That's the style of slapped-together "movie" we are talking here.). Finally one  informs them that  no one was certain what happened - nuclear war,whatever - but they think an asteroid   rammed into the moon and  moon dust came all into earths atmosphere holding back the sunlight.
The sets were cheap enough in the bunker simulation, but with this dust-town they are moreso. Total lack of detail. Looking very  grade-B, very much like an old Twilight Zone set.

The ending leaves you feeling completely cheated. Ambiguous as all fuck.

As if the "writers" could not come up with a suffient plot tie-ing up all the ends, and just dropped it there.

Awesomely unredeeming and awful movie.

A future Plan Nine From Outer Space.

THIS is what they are churning out these sad days.

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