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Post by Wallace on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:10 pm

Fourth time I,m watching this very special film.

Two women, sick of the drabness of their lives in grey London and their marriages (where their husbands seem to find them boring), come upon an add to rent a villa from landlord, actor Micheal Kitchen (who, by the way, is into PWOG), in the Italian Riviera. They pool their nest eggs and arrive ahead of their husbands - who are reluctant.
They are surprized to find they are sharing with a crotchety, austere  old widow (Joan Plowright, wife to Sir Laurence Olivier) and one of the richest women in UK, the beautiful, bored socialite who has come to this picturesque hideaway to get away from the "hovering" of male beasts.
At first, personalities grate, but there is this SUBTLE   NATURE-MAGIC working on them all leading them to  an openness that has ever eluded them. Friendships are bread, Husbands find their wives sexy again. Love burgeons. Although not stressed, its as if they have arrived at Pan's garden and his spell is working them over.

As the spell begins to weave into their souls, you yourself experience it through  first-person narrative - something I love to see in films (example, "The Haunting") and something rarely used in film.

I wont give away the last few seconds of the film, but it left me in tears , even though it did not use the usual Hollywood tropes of pity, or sorrow.  It used....JOY and HOPE.

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