99 HOMES (2016, US)

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99 HOMES (2016, US)

Post by Wallace on Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:12 am

I'd like to tell you about the sweet deal my public library offers.

Now this is a brand new film. Normally there would be a line-up of  many peeps for any new DVD. Unless you were very quick and managed to get the foot in the door early, you'd be looking at a wait of MONTHS beefwhore you got to take out this film.
But my library has this thing called "Express Lane DVDs".  These are brand new releases and you are allowed only 2 days to take them out (otherwise a stiff 2 dollah fine per late day). This is a very smart and accomodating deal. I thank my library for it - and of course I always make sure to return the film  in time.

You ask ,"Hey, I heard good things about this film "99 Homes, so wot's all this shoite about  your library. Who gives a fook about your library and how you managed to get the film? Where is the REVIEW, cocksucker?"
Yes, that is what you are saying.

Well sirs, its like this


I have yet to receive 20 dollah for a single one of my reviews from youse.

You think I wurk for nuffink - like current day music artists seem to be happy to do?

No, sirs. Fook that for a duck.

Have a good day.

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