GHENGIS COHN ('92, uk)

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GHENGIS COHN ('92, uk)

Post by Wallace on Sat 2 Apr 2016 - 15:04

Good black comedy.

Weasel-faced , 1930's cheap music-hall-type  Jewish comedian  dies in Treblinka concentration camp. 30 years later his ghost returns to exact precise revenge on  the commander of the shooting squad - now  police chief in an Austrian town (played very well by actor Robert Lindsay).
There is a serial killing going on in the town that the police chief does not seem to have a handle on - men are killed with a butcher's knife whilst in the act of copulation. They all die instantaneously with a smile on their face. Their sex partners cannot identify the swift killer - only a dark mass.

The police chief appears to be losing it - he is seen leaving the  horny German (Diana Rigg) baroness' house in full Nazi commander regalia, he is talking to the unseen, he is eating Jewish food (like sour pickles and chopped liver ON RYE), he is letting slip Yiddish words (Like schtoof and meshuggah).

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