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Post by Wallace on Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:59 pm

You hear me use the word "bydlo" around here a lot.
This is a Polish word (used more often, Id say, by the Russians) for the uneducated lower class of no finesse. Farm workers, criminals,street sweepers; ignorant, aggressive,belligerent, badly-behaved, bestial people.

But foremost it means "cattle". Or the Polish, "skot". These loud-mouthed rabble are "scoty".

What I'm seeing in cinema of last decade or so is encouragement of these "attributes" and the glorification/fostering of herd-mentality.
With films of this ilk  you are no longer talking the individual, but the mass.

The current Mocking Jay series is a carbon copy of this theme: a group (at least 7) of  "super" athletes being forced to try their strengths to the limit.

It used to be the individual was lauded in fantasy: The lone Ranger, Batman.... In UK  mysteries it was Poirot, Marple,Sherlock but now its less an individual doing the solving but more the forensic/investigation  TEAM. (aka the Waking The Dead , say series. Not only superheros are being  combined (aka Avengers Grimm) to a herd, but  monsters too (True Blood or that UK series where the ghost,vampire & werewolf live together).

So why are they doing this?
Could it be that the mass is more easily manipulated? The mass is more predictable with its conventional patterns. When everyone thinks the same, this is an advertizer's/a politician's heaven.

Is the mob right?
We are taught to believe in the strength of numbers, of questionable statistics, that the more people there are believing in something, the more right it is. Simply....because.

"The survival of the individual is imperilled in a world where the average man is well-defined while the hero ,the individual, is little known."

How many people know the name of the single individual responsible for cutting short WW2 by months?

If you do the "wave" in stadia, if you start your day with the necessary ritual of GOING OUT to get you cup of coffeee...then you shjould do well with this film.

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