CRIBB ('80, UK)

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CRIBB ('80, UK)

Post by Wallace on Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:44 pm

Back in the day Granada Television put out many a top quality series that none - in my opinion  - have been able to match.
This gentle mystery series (which ran 2 seasons and some 13 episodes) is one of them.

Rarely heard of on this side of the Atlantic, it paints  one of the most delightful - and hopefully truthful - pictures of Victorian  life.

The mysteries are extremely simple/ light going - so your not getting any demanding Agatha Christie convoluted plots here. But where it does shine is  in being faithful to the time period, touching on those things that  interested the Victorian average person & nobility alike: from prostitution to laudenum to converse with the dead to Jumbo the elephant.

Yes, I said Jumbo.
One episode here, "The Last Trumpet", has Jumbo as the motivation behind the murder of an old lady. Indeed Jumbo was a fantastically main attraction to the London Victorians. Much newspaper space was daily given over to  stories of his health, anorl. 
(By the way , Jumbo met his death nearby that other London - London, Ontario, Canada.  He was being transported by Barnum & Baily circus and died in a train crash.)

Shakespearian actor, Alan Doble as the  bowler-hat-ed , level-headed Sergeant Cribb and the beloved character actor William Simons (Heatbeat, Coronation Street, Emmerdale Farm) as the plodding Constable  Thackeray.

Not easy to find on dvd, but well worth the search.

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