TROLLHUNTER (2011, Norway)

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TROLLHUNTER (2011, Norway)

Post by Wallace on Sun 6 Mar 2016 - 4:12

I've now had the misfortune of seeing tons of movies spawned from the origional , amateur-documentary film,  Blair Witch Project. ALL were shit.

Now comes Trollhunter and I must say I give this one full marks. 

Moving quickly, fine scenery and I guess the  English subtitles somehow give this a greater sense of reality even though the concept is pure fairytale. Unlike shit like Blair Witch, this film kept up my interest all way thru.

Ringlefinches, Jotuns and Mountain Kings. Forest trolls and mountain trolls.TSS (Troll Security Service). Troll-rich areas.

In the more isolated  northern regions of Norway, farmers and hunters are complaining of  animals being taken, of swathes of forest being leveled (and it cant be  hurricane because the trees have fallen in every direction.)

The govt is hushing up the troll problem-truth. Saying it is bears on the disturbances in the mountains & forests .
But its the trolls acting strange and coming in on territory they never have before - maybe due to them going nuts thru rabies epidemic, or just effect of global warming.

Three college students (presumably media studies) begin to trail a mysterious  man, using video camera and sound to document.

They follow him into woods at night. At first he says nothing, then he says "Fuck it, I have had enough. I may as well spill the beans because I'm set to retire - the benefits of this govt troll-hunting job suck." They think he is pulling their leg. Then he comes running out of the forest yelling "Troll! Run!". They don't see no troll but minutes later they come upon their car all mangled to bits and the tires gone. (Apparently trolls like to gnaw on old car tires.) Even then they don't believe in any trolls!

Well, soon enough they are firm believers.

Trolls are active only at night. The hunter  shoots them with  bright UV light from tanning lights. 
Turns out the fairy tales are correct - sunlight turns trolls into stone.
A scientist explains it thusly: "Trolls cannot convert vitamin D (from sunlight) into calcium so when exposed, their stomachs & veins  expand forcing gas into intestines and veins and they explode - or the older ones calcify (turn to stone)." Okay  the expansion is in the guts but this somefucking how is translated to expansion in bones. ...Fuck it.

Still, a fun movie and done so well its almost believable.

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