PENNY DREADFUL (2014, ) season 1

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PENNY DREADFUL (2014, ) season 1

Post by Wallace on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:24 am

Gorefest, Gothic horror-drama set in Victorian London.
Decadent, dark, disturbing.

This appears to have the central theme of the quest for eternal life because it is merging  literature's horror classics that were all into this: vampires, Dr. Frankenstein's creature (here called Proteus),Wilde's Dorian Gray, Egyptian mysticism. (I'm surprized they did not weave in Jekyll and Hyde as well.)

So, exactly like the over-wrought True Blood series, there are too many different creatures about (so that your disbelief is suspended from the start) , too many - unnecessary - sub plots.  

Wonderfully acted and staged, but , in the end, silly and  too much of the repeated same old, same old.  These series are all suffering from being made OVER-LONG. There is a reason why cinematic  things should NOT be dragged-out more than a few hours total.

I understand this is now into its 4th season!

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