Erasurehead ('77 US)

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Erasurehead ('77 US)

Post by Wallace on Sun May 24, 2015 3:57 pm

Wallace recently watch David Lynch's acclaimed '80s? tv series (must be one of the earliest HBO-type dramas), TWIN PEAKS.

Unbelievably I never saw this beefwhore. Not bad, but plot is ridiculously over-convoluted. (They made fun of this in a Saturday night live skit where the criminal, right off the bat admits to the serial murders, but the government agent (Kyle McLaughlin of Portlandia) refuses to accept the confession and makes up all sorts of ludicrous ajacent serial-killer possibilities.)

So its natural to go from Twin Peaks and try out Erasurehead.

This movie is for mongs.Made to match a mong's understanding.

Fox, but it is slow. Stark. Minimum dialogue. Don't know if Lynch was serious or making fun of artsy mong-trash film.

Look, he just got off his bed.
Look! he is putting on his socks.
Look! Noow he puts on his shoes!


Watch this film at 32X spped and you wont miss ANYTHING.

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