suck them dicks,cocksuckers

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suck them dicks,cocksuckers

Post by Wallace on Sun Oct 19, 2014 4:31 pm

DEvil rides out
whistle & I'll come to you
A Ghost Story for Christmas (BBC series - ghost story each year best is : warning to the curious & barchester stalls
eye of the devil (66)
night after night after night
twitch of the death nerve
black cat (fulci)
black sabbath
mask of the devil
the haunting (orig)
castle of the living dead
frisson des vampires (shiver of vampires)
blood for dracula ('74)
lust for a vampire ('71)
devil's nightmare
devil's rain
The devils
village of the damned

not really horror but some elements. Anyways, superb:
Andrei Roubelov
A Canturbury TaLE

Hammer has not made horror in something like 30 years, now they have 3 new ones out.
Just yesterday I watched "The Quiet Ones" about true story of ghost/possession investigation carried out in 1970 by Canadians. Pretty boring film.
The other two were not much better, but "The Woman In Black" at least had proper backdrop. However, far more superior is the '89 version made by the same director what did the classic ,The Haunting.

Old Hammers I enjoyed were: The Gorgon and Kiss Of The Vampire.
I think Witchfinder General also was a Hammer production.

...night of the demon
dont look now
the stone tape
quatermass & the pit
quatermass II
night of the eagle
witches '66
blood on satan's claw '71

a not bad 70s Brit one I cannot remember the name of - maybe Haunting of Hill House. The formula of a scientist sucking in all the paranormal activity into an electronic trap has been used in at least ten movies (Ghostbusters) but I think this was the origional idea. The movie featured Roddy McDowell and an excellent most appropriate electronic score by - I think - Delia Derbyshire of BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Everyone says no to the remake of House On Haunted Hill but I really enjoyed it. Can't go wrong with actor Geoffry Rush, wot?

Oh yeah - the hashtag is : MOVIES FOR YOUR HALLOWEEN ASS


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