devil's due (2014,us)

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devil's due (2014,us)

Post by Wallace on Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:35 am


First they gets rid of all tv script-writers with Reality TV, now they get rid of professional camera men by making "movies"  purposely filmed thru lens of a amateur.

Yep, like my previously-reviewed atrocity, of a few days back  YET ANOTHER  Blair Witch offshoot - Blair Witch phone-cammy version of Rosemary's Baby, fer foxsake.

Just wot we bin needin' all along.

I swear their next step - to save effort and money - will be a film about a blind man's view ,shot all in the black. (Remember "Buried Alive"? That was half-way there already.

Notice how fast and NUMEROUS they are shitting these things out in the last two years?

Its the litmus test they is doin' uz fer. Trying to see the limit to the amount of shit we will willingly swallow.

This shit is about a young couple on vacation in Dominican Republic and he decides to record the entire honeymoon on video for posterity -and to torture his friends with years on.
They go to a future-reader hag wot pulls the worried face and says sumfink loike  wifiepoos is born of the Dead.
Immediately after , they find themselves lost in a rough (non-tourist) part of town and a shady taxi driver takes them to a swinging underground happening, even though  they ask to go to the safe hotel.
The cammy shows the couple getting drunk then for an instant it flickers into wot appears to be a satanic mass . Hey ho! - satanic bitch-impregnation mass???
They awake in the  hotel and assume the good taxi driver brought them back safe after they passed-out from a booze binge.
Next day they are back home in Amerikay.

WTF ? Fucker IS STILL FILMING EVERYTHING even when wifiepoos on the shitter fer foxsake.  sHE'S PREGGERS, EVEN THOUGH SHE BIN CONSUMING SHITLOAD OF BIRTHCONTROLS. Baby coming on unusually fast.
They find out wifiepoos usual woman gynocologyst is replaced with a male gyno. He informs her that his  work-partner will not be coming back and that he is her doctor now and will keep close check on her pregnancy.

Same old.

Same old.

But with the added benefit of dizzing-stupid-angle camera shots from floor-level, ass-level; and who knows wot else.

If your a stupid loon, you will want this dvd.

If you actually PAID to see this in a theatre, I want a  homemade viddycammy picture of your stupid face on exiting the theatre.

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