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Post by Wallace on Mon May 26, 2014 3:02 am

During a fierce snowstorm Average Joe is out in the Quebec northlands forest with his tiny snowplough doing the roads. He is drunk at the wheel and its middle of the night.

Some  asshole is standing in the middle of the road  and Joe runs him down.
Joe panics and hides the body,  putting it in a snowbank on the side of the road and piling more snow on the corpse.

You're thinking , why not just go to the police and tell them like it happened. But, no, perhaps he has had another drunken mishap before -wot we are not told of - and he is afraid to lose his licence and hence livelihood.

He goes a bit panic-drunk crazy and  runs the plough off the road and  goes on and on into the forest till the machine conks out and he passes out.

Now, if this was a stupid American movie, you'd now have the Average Joe stranded, lost and visualizing the ghost of the killed man between the tree trunks all the time. But this being Canadian, you get more. Its NOT a supernatural thriller.

Whenever Joe makes to  find civilization  he finds himself somehow returning back to the  stuck snowplough.  Finally he breaks thru the glamour and comes upon an isolated cottage. He steals the skidoo, finds the spot where he ran into the man, gets the corpse and heads out on the lake ice to drop the body under.

Im not gonna tell you anymore, but things are not as they seem - seems Average Joe KNEW the man: at a previous date he even thwarted the man's suicide attempt.

Not a bad movie, Jimmehs.

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