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Post by Wallace on Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:49 am

nOW here we have the story of the son of Poseidon.  We are in the world of Greek Mythology.
Or is it?

Talk about errors of chronology!

First off the bat, the son of the God Poseidon is called  PERCY JACKSON.
The film starts with a good old day at CAMP HALFBLOOD where the byblows of the gods are competing on some rotating  knock-'em-off device straight from ABC network's worse "game" programming. The music is sounding like some early 2000 version of Backstreet Boys,  WIGGER  BAND.

Later we learn the goddess Circe has made an AMUSEMENT PARK on her island complete with rollercoasters and hotdog stands.

There is Jackson's cyclops "brother" ,TYSON and a nig-satyr friend by name of GROVER.
You get to hear the children of the Gods say hip words like  ROCK STAR and DUDE  and HEALTH CARE.

We gots pretty well everything here except the mention of COCACOLA.

Now, if this were a fantasy novel, it would be derided to the heavens for unpardonable anachronisms.
But this is a silly American movie, so, afterall, we are excused.

Cummon Wallace, get your head outta your ass!  Its just a goodtime film. No need to get serious here. You think the makers of this movie were unaware of the anachronisms? Of course its all intentional. Why? Cos - DOLT - the same reason all Disney is full of this streetwise lingo, etc: its aimed at the trailer trash, at the nig & spick and hillbilly. Its kid fodder that American adults can watch. So, forget all that, dummy Wallace, and just enjoy, fercrissakes!

And the special effects!
Wow! Those special effects are unbeatable!


Yes, I admit it - good special effects.

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