The Devil's Rain (US, '75)

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The Devil's Rain (US, '75)

Post by Wallace on Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:52 pm

Where you gonna get a group of crackpot, ham actors like this in one film? Shatner, Borgnine, Wynne, Tom Skerritt,Eddie Albert and Travolta in a tiny  running role.
There is a good reason why movies putting satan worship in a West setting are few and far between. That is because tumbleweed, ghostowns in the Arizona dessert, sherrif just dont go cohesively, convincingly or non-ridiculously with the horror genre.
They wanted to make the devil worship scenes real so they enlisted the aid of Anton LaVey , head of the Church Of Satan (no, im not making this shit up).
Here is a picture of LaVey next the old Sambo:
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People say this low budget cornhole film is realistic and rate it rather high.
Wallace was appalled.
"They had no faces! No faces!"
Fuck me.

The film ends with an extended (must be 15 minute) run where the Devil's Rain is falling and dissolving away the flesh & bones of all the devil worshipers. (They must have went through lots of creamcorn, oatmeal & cornstarch.)  The sound effects here are rather impressive.

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