NIGHT OF THE EAGLE ('62, UK) aka Burn Witch,Burn!

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NIGHT OF THE EAGLE ('62, UK) aka Burn Witch,Burn!

Post by Wallace on Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:21 pm

Fritz Leiber is a damn fine writer (Swords of Lankmar  etc). He wrote Conjure Wife and this is an adaptation.Talented duo of Charles Beaumont and Richard Matheson doing the screenplay.
Psychology professor (who does not believe in the supernatural) finds out his wife has been pracitcing witchcraft  which she picked up when they were on vacation in Jamaica. The wife deems her witchcraft was responsible for his quick elevation in university position. He forces her to burn her witchy paraphernalia then things start going against him immediately - student accuses him of rape,etc
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Realistically-made. Rated highly.
Tidbit: Peter Wyngarde was one of the No 2's in The Prisoner. So was the actor playing professor Lindsay in this film.

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