OUR WHINNIE ('82, uk)

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OUR WHINNIE ('82, uk)

Post by Wallace on Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:34 am

Written by Alan Bennett, who ,as I mentioned in the alice In Wonderland, was part of the comedy group, Beyond The Fringe.
Only this somewhat sombre short film is decidedly not a comedy.

An afternoon in which a woman and  her retarded, childlike 20 year old daughter go to Lancshire cemetary to tend to the husband's grave.

Very simply & directly told, very subtle music background, if any -this is the kind of style the British are real adept at. Reminds me in theme and filming style of that most excellent TV series on H.E.Bates short stories called Country Matters.

Featuring a young Jim Broadbent (decades before he won his academy award) and an actress I really admire, Elizabeth Spriggs as the mother.

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