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Post by Wallace on Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:05 pm

Zombie apocalypse leading all towards the end of the world, cocksuckers.

Season 1 was 6 episodes as this one is 13, so much more room for character developement. Longer (calm) stretches between mass zombie culling/attack shots, makes this more believable - if this type of juvenile horror can be made legit/believable at all. The intense character  detailing has the old man Dean at one pole (pushing above all to maintain humanity in these dark godless/lawless times) and Shane(the deputy) at the other (pulling for clearcut, cold-hearted  survival at all costs.)  Both die by the end of the episode.

Most of this series takes place on a farm. Its stupid that too many instances of single members wandering off ALONE into the adjacent woods to come to danger. Very moving scene involving a child, that I wont get into here.

Hershel  that owns the farm is reluctant to have the main characters (remaining survivors) stay for long. He doesnt want them to discover his ugly secret in one of the outbuildings. Hershel's family seem in line with his thoughts but maybe reluctantly so.
There is plenty of fighting and bickering with the family as well as within the group. Eventually the walkers en mass in a wandering HERD find the farm sanctuary  leading to dramatic conclusion  where record-number  brain-spilling of dummy zombies is the main thing.

Although they are never called Zombies in the series, one survival group of Uninfected come across our group, and the guy says "So 'Walkers' is what you call them.' Immediately you sense this is a group gone feral and morally bad - what Dean warned about. They could be more  threat than the walkers themselves.
The sherriff wants to protect his group of survivors from this other marauding group, to make sure they dont find out where the farm sanctuary is. 
A teenager in one of the "bad" survivor groups gets leg impaled on iron fence, so they take pity on him, blindfold him and bring him to the farm. But turns out he knows Hershel's daughter from schooldays - which means he knows location of the farm and cannot be trusted . A hanging is in order and  a meeting is held and most all of the GOOD group agrees (shamefacedly) that the boy has to be put to death for the good of the group. Only the oldman ,Dean, makes an impassioned plea for the boy's life.
You can tell by the way the boy jabbers on, even when his life is threatened ,that he is bad seed.

Well the hard-hearted deputy Shane takes the boy out into woods on pretense of taking him in the truck and dropping him far far from the farm to fend for himself. But of course this is a sham - as everyone of the good group is likely aware - and he snaps the boy's neck coming back saying the boy escaped. Through the boy & Shane they find out the awful truth - they are ALL infected even if a zombie does not bite them.A scratch can be enough.They can turn - as Shane does at the very end.

At the very end, the sherriff reveals to the battered group - now on the move again - that  in a clearing in the woods ,in the night, he killed his best friend IN SELF DEFENCE. And it WAS in self-defence cos the so-called best friend was obcessed with the sherriff's wife and the baby she carries that could well be his.
But what was stupid was the way the survivors acted to the sherriff - even his son and daughter - all giving him the look of disgust and condemnation. As if the ghost of the moral Dean had at once settled on them in the dead of this forest night. Rightfully, the sherriff cannot understand this turn of events and gets huffed. Saying that from now on there is no democracy, they will survive by following his orderes without question. So your thinking - is he infected now as Shane was.

They have no idea where to go. The sheriff says they have to find another sactuary, maybe some sort of fortress.

The series ends brilliantly with them all huddled over a campfire, exposed to the elements and wandering zombies. Then the camera lifts up for a shot over the forest and you are shown ,in the mirk, of night that not a arrow's-flight from their camp, the forest gives way to clearing and there is this massive walled structure. Possibly a penitentiary.

So you know where the next season is going.

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